The most beautiful and attractive hill station in India is Manali. This place has almost population of 30,000 people. Himachal Pradesh Manaliis also a part of Kullu district. The main attractions for tourists are the Himalayas. The most popular place for tourists is Rohtang Pass. Even they can get the rafting opportunity in this place. It has a very beautiful climate at the time of winter. Even in this place was moderately cool at the time of summer. This place is actually named after Manu who is a Hindu lawgiver. The tourism of this place has also received a huge boost.

Manali has many restaurants and hotels. The nearby airport of Manali is Kullu-Manali Airport. Private and Indian airlines are having regular flights in this airport. The nearest international airport in Himachal Pradesh Manali is in Chandigarh. Manali can also be reached by the national highway from Delhi which also passes from Sundernagar, Kullu, Bilaspur and Mandi. The distance between Delhi and Chandigarh is almost 260 km. Manali is approximately 273 km from Chandigarh. The actual distant between Manali and Delhi is about 533 km. This place is not easy to travel by train. It is also only 40 km from Kullu.

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