Archaeological tourism can be referred to as a subset of cultural tourism, where the culture anxious and historically oriented scholars to undertake extensive tours to archaeological sites and historical museums and specific theatres and cinema houses that screen movies depicting past times and historical figures. As such, there have been people in large number around the world, who are highly keen to explore the popular (and unpopular) historical sites and archaeological plots in faraway places. There have been several dynasties, monuments and public figures in several countries in past that have been widely popular throughout the world. For instance, Mughals in India, Alexander and Aristotle in Greece, Napoleon in France, Gandhiji in India, Tudor and Stuart dynasties in England, Henry VIII in England again, then we have world famous monuments such as the Taj in India, Eifel Tower in Paris, France, and so on. Besides, there have been several well known saints in various countries who have strived hard in spreading Christianity and Jesus dogmas and hence people have held them in high regard. Therefore, in an attempt to explore more and to have a firsthand personal experience of being at such destinations, people are more than willing to tour such sites.

Therefore, taking note from such immensely popular sites, the governments of such countries also try to attract more and more tourists to such locations in order to capitalize upon such accomplishments, as the visits pose to be the potential source of earning and contribute immensely to the national earning. Hence, several countries have been popularizing their historical cum archaeological sites at length through the world by best utilizing the electronic media and have immensely been able to generate a great deal of revenue out from these.

In same context, there present certain professional touring services which are proficient in selecting ideal sites that are significant for archaeological tourism. Such travel agencies operate internationally through web portals and they can be consulted for the purpose of seeking valuable information regarding the places, countries, suitable land or air or sea routes, useful lodgings available and the related travel arrangements such as hiring cabs, going for sight-seeing, and so on.

Let us discuss some in brief:

India: Our country has been blessed with several sites of historical importance and some are crucial, from archaeological perspective as well. Hence, Indian government has setup a separate ministry of tourism that has the primary objective of universalizing the significant sites and other popular destinations. As mentioned above, we have plenty of historical sites scattered through the length and breadth of the country and where thousands of visits are recorded per month. For instance, Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, sandy deserts of Rajasthan, breathtaking boat races of Kerala and so on.

England, Italy and Greece: Undoubtedly, these have been the countries which have immensely experienced significant social and political upheavals in history. In other words, their present times have profoundly been a result of their past social and political turmoil. As such, there present immense popularity for their historical sites around the world and people visit such historical spots in large number.

Mexico: Finally, Mexico has been the most visited country and its city has been densely populated by tourists from various countries as it has plenty of archaeological sites to offer. Once inside the capital Mexico City, we can find numerous archaeological sites and such museums such as Templo Mayor which is exactly in middle of the city, then we have a vast and world acclaimed museum that is known as “Museo De Antropologia”. This museum is full of thousands of ancient artifacts and historical epics.

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