It is clear with its name that this tour would be based on bicycle but this is really amazing and it is environment friendly. It is not like simple Bicycling experience, that is just a fun but Bicycle touring would be a great adventure! It is fun and challenge that you will experience in your Bicycle tour. Generally the Bicycle touring is based on long distance journey with the Bicycle and you will feel the pleasure of adventure in it. The Bicycle touring requires some physical efforts and this can be fixed according to your preference. Commonly, the Bicycle touring starts from the time range of one day and it could be multi-days trip according to the rider. You would need to carry some required stuff with you for your way and some special Bicycle are available for this purpose and you should buy that for your tour. It will require less physical effort compared to ordinary Bicycle and you would be comfortable to ride your Bicycle whole day without any restless feeling. The rider can choose his or her favorite destination for Bicycle touring but it would be best if you take the help of any professional holiday planner for your Bicycle touring destination so that you can feel the real pleasure of your trip.

The Bicycle touring has been divided in some parts so that you can really experience what you prefer.

Lightweight touring: In this ride, the rider carries money in the place of any external equipment. Rider spends his money for stay and food requirement. This touring requires less physical efforts and you can cover more area without any weary feeling.

Ultralight touring: It is the advanced part of Lightweight touring because a rider will keep credit cards with him and there would be no stuff that he will carry.

Fully loaded touring: This is said a tough Bicycle touring because it requires much more physical efforts and a rider will carry all the necessary things with him.

Expedition touring: A rider carries all the equipments of stay and other requirements on his Bicycle which includes camping stuff, tools for Bicycle, spares, food and other things.

Mixed Terrain Cycle-Touring: It is a rough ride touring. A rider will experience the adventure of biking through the different surfaces with his Bicycle.

Supported touring: This is little modified Bicycle touring. A rider will ride on a Bicycle that would be supported with the engine and motor power so that you would need to effort less to cover more area.



Day touring: The day touring is done in the day time and it includes group rides and largely organized rides. The rider covers at least 100 miles area range for riding.

S24O – Sub-24 hour-Overnight: This is full time nonstop Bicycle touring. In this tour, a rider will ride his bike on the track continuously for 24 hours. It requires little time for planning and it is best enjoyed in urban places.

The Bicycle touring is really enjoying but it would be even more adventurous if you will choose right place for it. Here I am sharing with you best 5 routs for Bicycle touring.

  1. North Sea Cycle Route: This route is pleasant and close to nature. The North Sea Cycle Route covers the 6,000 Km area and you will see the clear view of North Sea while your tour. The whole route is filled with green grass, trees and fresh breeze that will make you feel energetic all the while. The North Sea Cycle Route passes thru the way of UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. You will see the changing beauty of all the places in single ride!
  2. Pacific Coast, United States: This is one of the most preferred routes for Bicycle touring. The green and clear blue hue of the entire environment always attracts the riders and the sea makes this scenery even more impressive. You will feel the calm full atmosphere and fresh air around you and greenery around you will encourage you to cover more area to explore more beauty of the nature. While your Bicycle tour, you will see the enchanting sea views and range of red wood trees. Additionally, you will find a plenty of Bicycle touring facilities here!
  3. Danube Cycle Path: A simple yet impressive route! This track will start with the nature and you will cross your way through the Germany and Austria to Hungarian capital of Budapest. This is a simple and enjoying track which is filled with amusements. It is best for those who are going for touring with family and also it is best place for Bicycle touring. No matter if you are beginner or expert, this place will make you say wow! You can buy guidebooks along your way to guide you and you can take new turns for exploring more adventure and fun!
  4. Japan: Japan is really a beautiful place and you will find different kind of amusement in every corner. The buildings of this place are worth watching and you would appreciate the temples and other sculptures of Japan. You will find so many places to see here and that all would be amazing. This would be multipurpose tour because your Bicycle touring route would be filled with amazing infrastructures, ancient temples and buildings. Additionally, you will see different amusement of this place in the streets of Japan. Some people consider that the Japan trip would be expensive but you can make is under budget by carrying your own accessories and beverages or food.
  5. The Silk Road & the Pamir Highway: Traveling on the Silk Road and the Pamir highway would be really amazing and adventurous ride. You will pass thru the Turkey and Iran and then you will reach to the cities of Silk Road. You will see the pleasant mountains and natural beauty and then you will pass thru the Pamir highway of Tajikistan. This tour would be amazing and you would feel like you can keep yourself busy in the Bicycle touring for at least 4 good and enjoying months!


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